Beginner’s Guide to the Human Gut Microbiome

Moderator: Sabine Hazan, MD 

Microbiome 101 

Speaker: Neil Stollman, MD (UCSF)

Objective: Become familiar with the human gut microbiome and its role in health

Making sense of metagenomics

Speaker: Andreas Papoutsis, PhD (Progenabiome)

Objective: Understand methods used to study the composition and function of the gut microbiome. 

Disease associations (cause or consequence)?

Speaker: Sabine Hazan, MD (Progenabiome)

Understand the value of genetic sequencing in fecal transplant in non C. diff conditions. 

Principles guiding research, regulation and product development

Moderator: Howard Young, MD, PhD (NIH)

Connecting the dots: how scientists elucidate mechanisms of microbial influence.

Speaker: Howard Young, PhD (NIH)

Objective: Understand principles guiding investigations around human immune and gut microbial interactions 

Taming the Wild West: Developing Standards for Microbiome Research and Product Development

Speaker: Scott Jackson, PhD (NIST)

Objective: Describe the importance of standards for microbiome measurements to support research investigations and clinical/commercial translation of microbiome science.

Microbiome Based Therapeutics: Opportunities and Challenges

Speaker: Zain Kassam, MD (Finch)

Objective: Gain insight into how industry is working to develop treatment options and the complexities of trial design in this space. 

Microbiome Therapeutics: Thinking outside the box

Speaker: Thomas Borody, MD (CDD Australia)

Clostridiodes difficile

 Moderator: TBD

Evidence of efficacy and safety of FMT for C. difficile infection 

Speaker: Colleen Kelly, MD (Brown)

Objective: Review evidence from randomized controlled trials of FMT in C. difficile

Pharmacology of FMT

Speaker: Alexander Khoruts, MD (University of Minnesota) 

Objective: Describe mechanisms driving the therapeutic effects of FMT

Challenges Around Clinical Trials in C. difficile 

Speaker: Paul Feuerstadt, MD (Yale)

Objective: Describe unique challenges to conducting clinical trials of microbiome-based therapies in C. difficile

Expanding Applications of FMT 

 Moderator: TBD

Manipulating the Microbiome to treat IBD 

Speaker: Jessica Allegretti, MD (Brigham and Womens, Harvard)

Objective: Review dysbiosis in inflammatory bowel disease and evidence from randomized controlled trials of FMT in the IBD population. 

Microbiota and the Metabolic Syndrome: New Horizons and New Opportunities 

Speaker: Mazen Noureddin, MD (Cedars Sinai)

Objective: Describe the evidence for how gut microbes influence metabolism and drive features of the metabolic syndrome, including nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. 

Implications of the Gut Microbiome in Cancer and Therapeutic Potential

Speaker: Yinghong Wang, MD, PhD (MD Anderson)

Objective: Describe how gut microorganisms impact the metabolism of cancer therapies and how microbial manipulation may transform patient care.  


Microbiota Transplant for Autism

Speaker: James B. Adams, PhD (Arizona State University)

Objective: Review a Phase 1 clinical trial of microbiota transplant for children with autism.

Microbiome based Therapies for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Speaker: Sahil Khanna, MD (Mayo Clinic) 

Objective: Examine the role of microbiome based therapy in chronic UTI.

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