Dr. Thomas Borody


Professor Thomas J Borody, MB, BS, BSc(Med), MD, PhD, DSc, FRACP, FACP, FACG, AGAF

BSc(Med): University of NSW

MB BS:  University of NSW 

PhD:  University of Newcastle 

DSc: UTS in Sydney

Dr Borody’s clinical interests focus on the development of novel treatments including those of human gut microbiome using Faecal Microbiota Transplantation(FMT) to treat Clostridium difficile infection, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome as well as neurologic and autoimmune disorders.  His first FMT in 1988 was carried out on a patient with colitis and she remains free of colitis for over 25 years. To date Dr Borody’s Clinic has been has completed close to 30,000 FMT treatments. In 1985 Borody pioneered the first effective triple antibiotic therapy for Helicobater pylori, which had a profound impact on curing  hundreds of patients of their peptic ulcers, and was subsequently marketed in the US under the name of Helidac. He later licensed quadruple antibiotic therapy now marketed as Pylera. He also developed the next generation, FDA-approved treatment for resistant Helicobacter pylori, Talicia , licensed to Redhill Biopharma. He has also developed a Crohn’s disease treatment for Mycobacterium avium ss paratuberculosis, now in pivotal trials, as well as colonoscopy bowel prep products Glycoprep, Glycoprep C, Moviprep and a capsule prep licensed to Salix, currently in clinical development. In 1984 Borody established the Centre for Digestive Diseases (CDD) in Sydney, Australia and has overseen its growth into an active clinical research institute with 65 employees. He has filed over 165 patents.