Dr. Howard Young


Howard Young, PhD

I have been working on varying aspects of innate immunity for over 30 years, and have significant experience studying but not limited to cytokine gene expression (with an emphasis on interferon-gamma) and signaling, the biology and molecular biology of NK cells, the generation and study of murine macrophage cell lines and immune signaling networks.  My past studies have involved molecular characterization of the transcriptional regulation of Interferon- and more recently, my laboratory has developed a novel mouse model of primary biliary cholangitis based on chronic expression of low levels of this important immunoregulatory molecule. This model also shows behavioral changes in the mice, suggesting that IFN- may also impact brain function. I serve on the steering committee of the NIH Cytokine Interest group and am past chair of the NIH Immunology Interest Group.  I was also President of the International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research.