Dr. Alex Khoruts


Alexander Khoruts, MD

Medical Degree: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Residency: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Fellowship: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Khoruts is the Medical Director of the University of Minnesota Microbiota Therapeutics Program. The program has been responsible for a number of firsts, including (1) demonstration of sustained donor microbiota engraftment into a patient suffering with recurrent C. difficile infection, (2) description of criteria for standardized donor selection and protocols for cryopreservation fecal microbiota, (3) development of shelf-stable, freeze-dried, encapsulated microbiota. The UMN Microbiota Therapeutics Program is the only academic institution that is manufacturing microbiota products under cGMP conditions. The main mission of the program is to support clinical trials and systematically develop microbiota as a new class of therapeutics.